Female Disruptors Black History month

Female Disruptors 

Unite for Black History Month

February 25, 2022

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February marks Black History Month and Female Disruptors is spotlighting women making history in shifting culture and empowering all women to be confident, competent in a crypto world and beyond.

Join Female Disruptors Founder Lisa Buyer on Friday, February 25th as she sits down with history-making women across races to share advice, success, and failure.

Event Speakers Include:

Andrea Hoffman, co-author of Black is the New Green and 50 BILLION Dollar Boss: African American Women Sharing Stories of Success in Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Andrea is a frequent speaker, having moderated or participated in panels and keynotes at Milken Global Conference, National Association of Corporate Directors, Congressional Black Caucus, Association of National Advertisers, Honda Motor Company, Billie Jean King’s Leadership Institute, XCON among others. She has also been featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Fortune and on Bloomberg TV.

Ingrid Riley, is an Award-Winning Digital Media Entrepreneur, Caribbean Tech Maven, Syndicated Tech and Business Blogger, Podcaster, and Event Producer. She’s behind SiliconCaribe - a trailblazing and disruptive digital media brand, that kickstarted the Tech Startup Scene in Jamaica. With its Dow Jones syndicated technology blog, podcasts, a roster of technology events, it’s on a mission to amplify the people, ideas and business driving the rise of the Caribbean Digital Economy and to educate and inspire the next generation of Caribbean entrepreneurs and innovators.

Krys Burnette, is a dedicated organizational development and culture transformation driver who supports leaders and teams of global Fortune 500 companies to holistically improve their workplace. Krys leads large org transformation initiatives across multiple sectors including - the US Federal Government, banking and lending, manufacturing, defense and space, e-commerce, and commercial retail. She is dedicated to changing organizations to embrace dynamic teaming structures, agile principles, and new ways of working to reach their strategic vision and goals.

Who Should Attend Female Disruptors

Women who want to shift the gender balance and racial wealth gap and take action during one of the most opportune times in history. PS - THAT'S YOU!!

Did You Know?

*  “A woman can be anything she wants to be.” (Boss Beauties)

*  Mothers who are also women of color face the triple wealth disadvantage of the gender wealth gap, racial wealth gap, and motherhood wealth tax.

* In January 2020, Goldman Sachs announced it won’t take any company public if it does not have at least one woman or non-white board member.

* By 2021, Goldman required its IPO clients to have two diverse board members. 

*  “Crypto is male-dominated and has a very masculine look. We need more well-designed concepts that would bring more women into crypto. If women don’t get into Crypto (they are currently only investing at half the rate as men), then the wealth balance won’t change in the next 10-20 years." (Forbes)

*  It is believed that Blockchain, NFTs, Augmented Reality and web3 will be the framework of how the world will operate in the future.

*  The gender disparity in crypto matches or exceeds the gender gaps in ownership of:

          * exchange-traded funds (14% of men vs. 7% of women)

          * individual stocks (40% of men vs. 24% of women)

          *  mutual funds (30% of men vs. 20% of women)

          *  real estate (36% of men vs. 30% of women)

          *  bonds (14% of men vs. 11% of women).

*  “Three reasons to buy an NFT - investment, identity, and community.” (Randi Zuckerberg)

Come together. Lisa Buyer invites you to create a new beginning at the intersection of diversity, inclusion, technology, and a shift in mindset.

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Female Disruptors Unite For Black History Month is part of the Female Disruptors Speaker Series.  Each month we will showcase a group of disruptors who are overturning, going against the grain, re-inventing, taking action, standing up, fighting ageism, burnout, self-leadership, the list goes on.

A disruptor is a person who causes a radical change in an existing industry or market using innovation.

We look ahead to women investing in NFTs, dominating the metaverse, declaring freedom, reclaiming assets, embracing age, facing trauma, being a change agent, and showing the world anything is possible.

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